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Corporate DNA

Corporate DNA


Why does a car dealer from Bavaria produce coffee and plant trees in Mexico?

Just like a living organism, our enterprises, initiatives and products are also shaped by its DNA. Character, philosophy and also development are subject to a decisive component despite all apparent opposites – the entrepreneurial DNA of Patrick Kube and Jens Josephi. It is these characteristics that characterise our actions, that shape our products, that shape our interaction, that fill our responsibility with life. And ultimately, our commitments, like all living organisms, are subject to constant development and ongoing change. These are also always the sum of experiences, lessons learned and insights. In order not to lose the inner compass, it is all the more necessary to constantly become aware of one’s own DNA and to let it flow into it.

Accordingly, it is not a question of whether products or enterprises fit together in terms of content, but rather what character they have. The decisive factor for our future actions will be that they are shaped by our DNA, that we build bridges between each other and that we use the innovative power among ourselves.

What are the characteristics of our corporate DNA?